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NutraPet Systems, LLC provides in-depth expertise and knowledge in these areas of pet care and animal health.  From product briefing to implementation in the factory, we have you covered.

Consulting That Makes A Difference

Research and Development

We use stage gate as our project management tool and provide milestones from concept stages to focus groups, feeding trials and IHUT (In home usage test) We specialize in Dry, Canned and Treats Including nutraceuticals and probiotic products.  

Quality Control/Quality Assurance
From quality systems to Quality Audits we assist you to implement what is right for you and your products. We know cGMP ,  PMD’s and SOP’s, HACCP, ISO certification.   

Regulatory Compliance

We know AAFCO and most European regulations. Outside US and Europe we will find you the expert to keep you out of trouble.

Product Improvement , Palatability Management, Product Appearance

This is our core competency and a key stone to NutraPet Systems success. We provide a complete proprietary solution with our “one step ahead guarantee” optimizing ingredients, processes and packaging. We apply our own flavor systems, gum blends and processing aids.    Technical Services We have effectively applied Kaizen, Six Sigma, root cause and CAPA analysis, 21CFR, change control, cGMP, HACCP, preventive maintenance, team concepts and target costing.   

Recipe Management

We have our own bank of recipes or develop the specific formula for your individual needs.    

Process Improvement, Process Development

We participate in factory audits, specify equipment and line configurations for new and existing processes. We have access to the most recognized extrusion experts, manufactured chunk specialist and sterilization techniques. 

Cost Optimization
We provide a complete analysis of your product cost structure and provide solutions you have never thought of. With our target costing process in place we systematically benchmark, identify waste and implement best practice. We take pride in our results and the fact that our compensation usually is significantly less than the savings we identify, leaving you with a low cost highly efficient operation. 

Global Sourcing of pet care products and ingredients

Because of our vast network in the industry we have access to a unique supply base of ingredients and products. Whether you are looking for natural dog chews from India, amino acids from China or canned products from New Zealand, we can put you in touch with the right supplier.


Service for the Industry, Recruiters and Job Seeker

Our high level international contacts and in depth knowledge within the pet care, food and animal health industry provides an excellent platform for your recruitment and job seeking needs. 


  • Retained or contingency searches and placements.
  • Job description, job applications and direct mailings.  
  • Pre-qualification assessment.
  • Outplacement.
  • Career development, performance reviews and compensation guidelines.

If any area of this expertise interests you or is appropriate for your company?

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