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Product Development

Below are a few of several products introduced to the consumer or professional pet care markets in the United States and Europe.
   Vital 11

Vital 11, by Healthy Essentials, is the first and only probiotic food spray for dogs with 11 strains of live and active probiotics.
 Lifeline Liquid Protector

Activates your dog’s immune system. Compensates the age-related auto-immunity against infections, bacteria, and viruses.
 Jelly de Luxe

Between meal delicacy of essential vitamins and minerals for dogs and cats
 Active Gold

Activates and stimulates important energizing body functions for high performing and working dogs.

Nutra Tabs
Nutra Tabs Supplement for Dogs. Highly palatable probiotic chewable treat for dogs.

Viyo Veterinary is a highly palatable, low-calorie, recuperation fluid developed in collaboration with Veterinarians and nutrition experts that offers the solution for the recuperation problem of cats and dogs after surgery or illness.

Jagdgold Dog Food

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